Lego Star Wars Party Ideas

Lego Star Wars Cake
Lego Star Wars Party Ideas

Lego Star Wars has been a popular video game for years. Lego has also been making Star Wars items for years. So it come as no surprise that many a kid has asked for a Lego Star Wars birthday party. Today features Lego Star Wars party ideas from two different blogs that are sure to inspire.

First up is the Lego Star Wars birthday that was made almost from scratch. There were no Lego Star Wars party supplies available at the time, so this Mom made her own. I love her instructions for making lightsabers from pool noodles and duct tape. I also love her ideas for party games including one involving freeing Han Solo from carbonite.

The second party featured Jedi robes handmade for all of the party guests and a Death Star pinata. There was even a guest appearance by Darth Vader. Check out the menu including a simple recipe for Yoda Soda.

Death Star Pinata
Death Star Pinata

Luckily you don’t have to make your own Lego Star Wars party supplies anymore. They are available to purchase and are the perfect complement to this party theme.

LEGO Star Wars Deluxe Party Pack LEGO Star Wars Party Supplies 

Check out the matching Lego Star Wars plates, cups, napkins, invitations, and more.

Get some Lego Star Wars figures to decorate with and pass out as party favors:

LEGO® Star Wars ™ Magnet Set: Chewbacca™, Vader™ and Obi-Wan™

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