Pinkalicious Party Ideas

Pinkalicious Party Ideas
Pinkalicious Party Ideas

The book Pinkalicious is a huge hit in our home. My daughter is about to turn 6 in a few months and party planning and brainstorming has begun. So I was super excited to find these Pinkalicious party ideas featured on the Busy Me, Busy With Three Blog. I love how they made it a tea party complete with pink tea and a bunch of pink foods. Pay special attention to the cupcake table runner, the pink cupcake cake, and the paper cone party favors.

These Pinkalicious Party Supplies are a great complement to this party:

Pinkalicious Party Supplies Pinkalicious Party Supplies

Matching Pinkalicious Plates, Cups, Napkins, Invitations and more.

Don’t forget the Cupcake Cake Pan:

Large Cupcake Cake Pan Large Cupcake Cake Pan

“Made of heavyweight cast aluminum. Finished cake measures 8.25″” high x 7.5″” wide. Simply assemble shaped top and bottom cake halves with a thin layer of icing.”

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