Thanksgiving Party Ideas

Thanksgiving Party IdeasSoon it will be time to start thinking of Thanksgiving. It is Thursday November 24, 2012. I want to help you out with some Thanksgiving Party Ideas to jumpstart your party planning. Want to invite the family over for a big dinner feast? Have some friends over for a fun filled evening? Or perhaps invite your children’s friends over for some crafts and games? I have you covered.

The Big Family Thanksgiving

Invite everyone over, roast a turkey, watch a football game and you are done, right? Not so fast. There is a whole lot of planning that goes into this kind of Thanksgiving party. First up is inviting everyone over. You can do that with some personalized Thanksgiving invitations in a number of styles and designs. Make cooking a little easier by asking everyone to bring a side dish or dessert. Have an area set aside for people who want to watch football. Decide ahead of time if the game is turned off during dinner or left on, or plan your meal around the football game schedule. Decorate the table with some beautiful (and clean up friendly!) Thanksgiving party supplies. Place an acorn at each places setting. When everyone sits down to eat, pass around a bowl, have each person say what they are grateful for, and put their acorn in the bowl. It will make a lovely centerpiece when you are done. Then you can play a game of flag football after the game to burn off all those calories you just consumed.

Thanksgiving with Friends

There is no rule that you have to get together with family on Thanksgiving or that you are limited to celebrating Thanksgiving on the actual day. It is for most people a 4 day weekend. Sometimes friends are family and sometimes family is just too far away to get together and celebrate with. If that is the case, then invite some friends over for an upscale soiree or laid back evening. Make up some Thanksgiving cocktails (the Apple-Pie Cider is my favorite) and serve some easy to prepare appetizers. Then move onto the main course of turkey, tofurky or any other traditional dishes that you like for Thanksgiving.

Kids Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving is also a great time to celebrate with your kids and their friends. Invite them all over for a game of pin the hat on the turkey, Thanksgiving crafts and more. The fun Thanksgiving party supplies pictured above are an absolute must to set the table with. Serve up a kid friendly Thanksgiving menu. Make up some Thanksgiving cupcakes to serve for dessert.

Everyone will have a wonderful time with these Thanksgiving Party Ideas. Share your own in the comments below.

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