How to Make Cake Pops

Cake Pops
Cake Pops

Since my last post on birthday cake pops, I’ve gotten quite a few emails from people asking me for more tips on how to make cake pops. As I am not an expert by any means, I decided to turn to someone who is for more advice. Bakerella (aka Angie Dudley) has been making them for a few years now and definitely knows a thing or two about creating these little birthday party cake treats.


Check out this video with Bakerella that shows her making them step by step.

I love her tip for sticking the popsicle sticks in as well as how to remove the excess candy melts so that you don’t have messy cake pops. And definitely listen in as she tells you what not to do when putting the cake pop in the candy melts! You could have a big mess otherwise.

You can learn how to do all kinds of cake pops including owl cake pops, robot cake pops, ice cream cone cake pops and more from her book available from Amazon.

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