Lego Birthday Cake Ideas

Lego Birthday CakeToday I went out searching for some Lego Birthday Cake Ideas and boy are people creative! There are some really awesome Lego birthday cakes out there. This one was created by sweetpea8.

It doesn’t surprise me how popular they are. Legos are an essential part of any childhood. And I’m not sure you are really a parent until you have stepped on one of the plastic bricks at night while barefoot.

There are a number of ways to create a Lego cake, the most popular appear to be baking your favorite cake, topping with cut marshmallows or round cookies to create the top, and then covering with fondant or frosting.

You could wash some legos really well and decorate the cake with them. Get creative and use an actual lego build as the cake topper.

How about this simple brick Lego cake by dougcornelius:

Lego Birthday Cake

I love this one with the Lego person on top with the lego built front end loader by Nutmeg Confections:

Lego Cake

And of course you will want to serve up your Lego Birthday Cake on some Lego party supplies. Here are the perfect ones to complement this party:

LEGO Party Supplies LEGO Party Supplies 

LEGOVille Deluxe Party Pack

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