Top 5 Halloween Games for Kids

Halloween Party Games for KidsI love this time of year. The leaves are changing color, the temperatures are cooler and Halloween is almost here! Halloween used to be all about trick or treating but it really has turned into a season of it’s own. Costumes, decorations, and games! Today I want to share my top 5 Halloween Party Games for Kids with you.

  1. Mummy Wrap – Split your party guests into teams of two. One gets to be the mummy, the other gets to be the wrapper. Hand the wrapper a roll of toilet paper and have them start wrapping the mummy. Whichever team uses the entire roll of toilet paper first wins.
  2. Eyeball Relay Race – Get a pack of eyeballs (typically found in the Halloween section of a store & are sometimes high bounce balls) and some spoons. The object is for each team to race out to a point with the eyeball on the spoon, come back to the start line, transfer the eyeball to a teammate’s spoon, all while keeping the eyeball on the spoon. If it falls off they have to begin the racecourse again.
  3. Pin the Eyes on the Ghost – Create a large white ghost from a piece of paperboard and outline with black marker. Also mark a place on the ghost where the eyes should go. Then create sets of eyes from black paperboard or construction paper. Put two sided tape on one side and let each kid have a chance (while blindfolded of course) to get them closest to the mark.
  4. Pumpkin Coin Toss – You will need a carved pumpkin for this game. The object is for each kid to toss a coin into the top of the open pumpkin. The smaller the coin, the harder the game is to play.
  5. Printable Halloween Party Games – Play a game of Halloween Bingo, word scrambles and Halloween riddles. Many of these games can be personalized.

Hope you enjoy these Halloween Games for Kids. Share in the comments below any of your favorite games to play.

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