Party Planning With Your Smartphone

Party Planning With Your SmartphoneParty planning, if you have children, is an absolutely necessary part of life. Whether you love it or you hate it, it can be a big chore. Which is why I hope that this site helps in making it so much easier for you! I happen to love picking out the theme, figuring out the games, and planning the menu.

Today I figured I would talk about one way of making party planning easy and that is with the help of your smartphone. I absolutely love my T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S and it goes with me everywhere, making it the perfect companion and helper. Here are just some of the ways that I use it to plan a party:

  • Evite. The popular online party invitation site now has an iPhone app. Create an invitation, invite people, comment, add photos and modify the invitation all from your phone. This is great for those spare moments when the kids are in dance class or soccer practice and you don’t have access to your computer. I look forward to the time when it is available for Droid phones.
  • Comparison Shopping. If I happen to get the urge to shop for party supplies at local stores, I always use my smartphone to check prices at Birthday Express before buying anything. I often find that I can get everything that I need cheaper and shipped to my door there, but sometimes there are exceptions. It is always good to know before I buy.
  • Note app. Every smartphone platform has some type of free note app. I can open up mine and create a party guest list, a menu, a to do list, plan the party itinerary, and brainstorm game and party favor ideas. I do not always have a pad of paper with me but I often have my phone within my arm’s reach. Even better if you have some type of dictation app and then you can just tell it what to write down rather than type it all in.
  • Plan your menu. There are many free cooking apps out there and Epicurious is a highly recommended one. Available for a number of different devices this app allows you to search for a recipe, create a shopping list, and add a recipe to your favorites so that you can find it again later. It has a really cool feature of being able to search by specific ingredients and returning recipes that contain those ingredients.

I hope that lets you see your smartphone in a whole new light. It can be super helpful in planning your next party. Let me know how you use yours for party planning in the comments below.

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